Back in the olden days of pre-COVID it was easier for one to separate where one works, relaxes, and sleeps, but in a post-COVID world, those separations have grown harder to distinguish between. From working at your dining room table to working out in your living room, the spaces where we once held sacred to different tasks have become a blend of many.

In this episode of The Productivity Lab, Kyle and Mark talk about the benefits of separating out those spaces within your own house, or apartment. They share their methods, provide some helpful advice, and discuss the dangers of TV trays. All that and more in this episode of The Productivity Lab!

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The Narrowing of the Gap | Quadrant Nine · 2021-04-04 at 5:14 pm

[…] I personally am fortunate enough to have enough room in our house to dedicate to my own personal office, and so does my partner (we joke that we don’t live in a house, but a coworking space). I use my home office for all my professional work, and for “logical” work when it comes to side projects (e.g. editing audio or editing a story). Meanwhile, I use our living room for relaxing and for creative work (e.g. writing this blogpost). My brain associates the two rooms with different kinds of “modes” which allows me to focus on different kinds of tasks better than in the other. I get more into detail with how I use my spaces in this episode of The Productivity Lab. […]

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