What sets the professional from the amateur? How does one go from being a novice to being an expert? How can you make sure you’re giving it your all? These are the questions Seth Godin poses in his book The Practice: Shipping Creative Work. In the book, Seth talks about the practice, the everyday grind one must endure, neigh, embrace, to become an expert in your field. From the writer working on his first novel to the entrepreneur building her start-up from scratch. The practice is what’s needed to accomplish these lofty goals… or so Seth says.

In this episode of The Productivity Lab, Kyle & Mark discuss the claims Seth makes in The Practice, from the daily grind to embracing failure, to identity-based habits, and see if Seth’s thesis is up to snuff. Listen now to see if The Practice is right for you.

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Reviewed: The Practice - AskMark · 2022-01-09 at 10:48 am

[…] This review is long overdue, considering I read this in September 2021. I still wanted to share a brief review of this book as it is 1) something that is still on my mind at year’s end, and 2) I’ve already reviewed it for the Productivity Lab podcast. […]

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