Between last week’s review of Forest and the episode before it on the Mobile Monochrome method, we’ve explored apps that are supposed to limit our phone usages. Instead of trying to avoid our phones this time, we wanted to praise the apps that make us more productive people.

In this episode of The Productivity Lab Kyle & Mark reflect upon their top five apps they use to get stuff done in their productive lives. From the task managers to the calendars, Kyle & Mark share the apps they absolutely cannot live without.

We want to hear from you, what are your top five apps you can’t live without? Tweet them to us @ProductiveLab!

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My Monthly Review | Quadrant Nine · 2021-03-28 at 4:03 pm

[…] prefer YNAB (aka You Need a Budget). YNAB is a simple to use zero based budgeting platform that I attribute to being the most important app in my life. And because of this I check out my total expenses each month on YNAB and see what I spent the most […]

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