Do you hate eating? Does stopping for lunch in the middle of your work day bog you down? Do you find eating so many different things on your plate to be a waste of space? Well do we have an episode for you.

In this episode of The Productivity Lab, Kyle and Mark take a dive into the world of meal replacements like Soylent and Huel. Meal replacements promise a brave new world where we no longer have to stop in the middle of a busy day to prep our food, instead those pesky wasted minutes can be recovered with a few scoops of powder, and splash of water, and a good shake of the blender bottle. Voilà! You have yourself a complete meal in a matter of seconds.

Are meal replacements all that they’re hyped up to be? Are they really a good substitute for a nice meal? All of this and more in this episode of The Productivity Lab!

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